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Hodel moved to Colorado where he engaged in the energy consulting business, and served on various charitable and corporate boards of directors. He later served as President of Christian Coalition, a nonprofit conservative group, from 1997 to 1999.

From May, 2003, until March, 2005, Hodel served as President and CEO of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit evangelical Christian organization. He had stated that his job was to manage the transition from the founder, Dr. James Dobson, to his successor. Hodel had, several years prior to being named President, served on its board. He remains on the Board of Directors.

In 2006, his company was found to be disseminating political push polls on behalf of the Economic Freedom Fund organized by Bob J. Perry. After being sued by the Attorney General of the State of Indiana, the company countersued, claiming its freedom of speech was being squelched.

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