<< George W. Bush

Morgan Stanley $600,480

Merrill Lynch




UBS Americas


Goldman Sachs


MBNA Corp </td>

<p class=gen>$356,350</td>


<p class=gen>Credit Suisse First Boston </td> <p class=gen>$330,040</td>


<p class=gen>Lehman Brothers </td> <p class=gen>$327,725</td>


<p class=gen>Citigroup Inc </td> <p class=gen>$320,620</td>


<p class=gen>Bear Stearns </td> <p class=gen>$309,150</td>


<p class=gen>Ernst & Young </td> <p class=gen>$302,140</td>


<p class=gen>Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu </td> <p class=gen>$290,450</td>


<p class=gen>US Government </td> <p class=gen>$288,636</td>


<p class=gen>Wachovia Corp </td> <p class=gen>$275,310</td>


<p class=gen>Ameriquest Capital </td> <p class=gen>$250,650</td>


<p class=gen>Blank Rome LLP </td> <p class=gen>$223,900</td>


<p class=gen>Bank of America </td> <p class=gen>$218,261</td>


<p class=gen>JP Morgan Chase & Co </td> <p class=gen>$205,900</td>


<p>Cendant Corp</td> <p>$198,803



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