The Right Wing Infopedia is a wiki that seeks to expose 'stealth conservatives', right wing extremists posing as moderates or non-extremists, and have information on extreme right wing groups and individuals in general.

"Right Wingers, Hard Line Conservatives, whatever you want to call them, rely on secrecy to get the job done. This is perhaps a first when it comes to Democracy. Can Democracy and a high level of secrecy between people of an ideology who actually have a shot of running things work together? It may not be possible.

Secrecy is a tool used by the Right, it helps them get power and it helps them win. This is why the RW Infopedia is needed, everything you need to know, all the dirty details you are not told by the media and the Right Wing groups will be contained within this Wiki so you can know about them, who they really are, and what they really stand for."